Bleu Metron – The Stream

The concert was held at Verkatehdas Arts & Congress Center and supported by Verkatehdas and Arts Council of Häme. Enjoy!

Intro 00:00
Beautiful Landscapes of Your Mind 03:09
I Want This to Be 07:12
Mirror of the World 12:39
Gabriel 18:50
Brook of Souls 24:04
Not Enough Beauty 29:08
The Stream 32:43
Stars in the Sky 41:20
Stare Me 50:08
As if It’s Over 54:42
Thing 57:40
These Are Our Dreams 01:01:50
Deep and Inviting 01:06:10
Evolution 01:12:26
Why Should We Ever End 01:19:10

Bleu Metron:
Antti Paranko – vocals, guitars
Esa Mäkeläinen – guitars
Pekka Pitkäkoski – keyboards
Ville Kankaanpää – bass
Aapo Hopeakoski – drums

Visual Crew:
Terho Aalto – photographs
Tiiti Hynninen – lights and animations
Olli Hietajärvi – animations

Film Crew:
Veikko Pulli – camera 1
Tommi Tjukanov – camera 2
Lauri Malin – audio recording mixing and mastering
Vane Vainio – video editing

All songs composed by Antti Paranko

Antti Paranko
Terho Aalto
Arts Council of Häme