Falco Karassavidis / The Jooks

Falco plays

VSOP Classic

Falco Karassavidis, born 12th December 1986, is a professional guitar player from Germany, famous for guitar/vocals in the power-pop outfit ‘The Jooks’ as well as in the cover-band ‘Blueberry Muffins’.

His first attempts on the guitar started at the age of 15 after he first got to know the band Led Zeppelin and instantly fell in love with their whole catalogue and especially the guitar playing of guitar hero Jimmy Page. He worked eagerly the next years, up to 8 hours a day, to get where he wanted and finally perfected his playing. First as a blues-guitarist, then in the rock genre and so on. He is amongst those versatile strat-guys, who don‘t give up untill the “Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing” – intro is right where it belongs.

Falco started his career playing in several cover bands and finally found the right one. They’ve rocked with the Blueberry Muffins since 2008, mostly in the northern area of Germany and finally advanced as a superb cover band with long setlists, getting booked in the summertime every weekend.

Falco and the other two members of the cover band started the adventure of becoming a power-pop tour-de-force of their very own kind: The Jooks. Exploring further the rock and roll roots and mixing them with powerful pop hooks brought The Jooks to play at the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Liverpool, Cavern Club, House of The Beatles and also as support on the Sofia de la Torre 2013 -tour and brought their 70’s inspired song “Feel Free” into several airplay lists (Mesiradio, Rockradio). Their debut EP “The Jooks” was released May 1st 2013 and has gotten extraordinary feedback. Liverpool Sound and Vision says: “Classy but not overbearingly flippant, enjoyable without being off hand, accessible without being superficial”!

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Falco Karassavidis plays with a unique custom built Ruokangas VSOP Classic guitar developed and designed by Juha Ruokangas.

“My VSOP Classic is absolutely awesome! I totally fell in love with it and yet it’s getting better and better. The sound and feel of this guitar is unbelievable. Perfect work! Thank you so much Juha!”
– Falco Karassavidis