Sami Saarinen / Status Minor

Sami plays

Hellcat Custom

The foundations for Status Minor were laid by the lead guitarist Sami Saarinen in 2002, and little by littlethe lineup stabilized to what it is today: Markku Kuikka (vocals), Sami Saarinen (guitars and composing), Jukka Karinen (keyboards), Eero Pakkanen (bass) and Rolf Pilve (drums). The musical roots of Status Minor are wide-spread across various genres, but still focusing on melodic, progressive metal with a great deal of adaptability. Status Minor has released two promotional EPs, and in 2009 they released the debut album ‘Dialog’, which has gained loads of positive feedback and praising reviews in international music media.

Sami Saarinen found a dusty acoustic guitar from his parents’ storage and with the help of his friend, learned the first Metallica riffs with it. Around the same time, he felt intrigued by the piano, and stumbled his way through learning a few songs with it and ended up even composing a few more. The influences of early times from Yngwie Malmsteen to Iron Maiden were accompanied with progressive metal, jazz, classical and film music. Sami’s compositions can be heard on Trash Video’s movies since 1999. After countless musical projects, movies and instrument try-outs, Sami finally chose guitar as his main instrument and Status Minor was born, taking the focal point in Sami’s musical aspirations. Music displaying true talent and strong emotions – that’s what Sami has always valued the most in music.

“The Hellcat is so effortless – it practically plays itself. With this guitar I can play and plan to play exactly what I want – the guitar properties don’t set any limitations! One day I might need another guitar – and it will certainly be a Ruokangas!”
– Sami Saarinen