Petri Lassila

Petri plays

Ruokangas Custom

Petri Lassila is one of the pioneers of Suomi Metal that has risen to awesome success in the 21st century. Lassila became first known as a strong renewer of the Finnish gospel-rock scene as the singer, guitarist and songwriter in his band ‘Terapia’ in the early 1990s.

Lassila’s current band ‘Tera’ has been praised of its powerful live performances and the top reviewed debut album has succeeded well on the official album charts in Finland.

Lassila has played Ruokangas Custom guitar since 2008.

“We brought loads of excellent guitars guitars to the studio for the recording sessions of our second album… Still we ended up playing practically all the guitar tracks with my Ruokangas Custom. There was just no rival to it’s consistant and balanced tone.”
– Petri Lassila