Mick Box / Uriah Heep

Mick plays

Duke Classic

Uriah Heep – one of the most legendary British hard rock bands – has left a vast catalogue of recordings in their wake, much of which has inspired and been imitated by artists all over the world. Their classic albums include such unforgettable hard rock anthems as Gypsy, Lady In Black, July Morning, Easy Livin’, Sweet Lorraine, Stealin’ and many others.

Uriah Heep was formed in 1969 by David Byron (vocals), Mick Box (guitar), Ken Hensley (keyboards), Paul Newton (bass) and Alex Napier (drums). Throughout their long career the band has survived many changes – Mick Box playing the lead guitar from the very beginning to this date.

Mick is a true guitar enthusiast, owning a vast collection of awesome instruments. Mick has two Ruokangas guitars in his collection – a 2-tone sunburst VSOP Standard (one of the very earliest pieces ever made) and a cherry sunburst Duke Custom with such details as wildly figured top handpicked by Mick and Wizard’s Wand inlays designed by Juha.

“Ruokangas guitars are well-made and they sound really sweet. They’re built in what I’d call the right tradition.”
– Mick Box