Jukka Tolonen

Jukka plays

Duke Custom

Jukka Tolonen is Finland’s national guitar hero number one of all time. He has played in a number of successful bands over the past 4 decades, including Tasavallan Presidentti, Piirpauke and Wigwam. Jukka is, however, best known of his spectacular solo recordings including such fusion jazz classics as ‘Summer Games’, ‘The Hook’, ‘Hysterica’ and the self titled debut ‘Jukka Tolonen’. Among his numerous side projects are ‘Guitarras Del Norte’, ‘Trio Tolonen’ and ‘JTB’ (Jukka Tolonen Band, featuring Coste Apetrea) and SF Blues.

The latest achievements on his career are as follows: ‘Guitarras Del Norte’ (2004), ‘Tolonen Plays Coltrane’ (2004) ‘SF Blues, Joutomailla’ (2005) and ‘Tasavallan Presidentti, Six Complete’ (2006).

Jukka has played Ruokangas Duke electric guitar since 1997. He bought the first ever built Duke while living in Stockholm Sweden and played the guitar until 2003, when Juha built him the Duke JT Custom, specifically tailored for Jukka’s needs. The first ever built Duke returned to Juha’s ownership and remains as part of Finnish guitar history.

“This is superb. The Duke is the best electric guitar I’ve ever had!”
– Jukka Tolonen