Ben Wigler / Arizona

Ben plays

VSOP Custom

Arizona is a Brooklyn, NY based band that uses a stream-of-consciousness recording/ production style to write songs with organic, naturally ‘catchy’ melodies and a diverse, compelling sound. The group’s self-released debut “Welcome Back Dear Children” is on the cutting edge of hard rock band production but draws its inspiration from before the age of digital recording. Their latest release “Glowing Bird” continues to explore the unknown with great success. Ben Wigler is the lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist of the group.

Currently Arizona is in studio recording their next album, and these are the recent regards from Ben: “Our official new album session has begun tonight and that pretty much the only electric guitar it looks like I’m going to be using on the record is the VSOP. I recently had her set up and through my rig (a really cool Rivera), it just has a voice like no other, authority delivered with grace!”

“Words cannot describe how happy I am with the VSOP. Not only is it probably the most gorgeous vaguely ‘S’-style guitar in the universe (crowned by an almost unbearably beautiful tremcover inlay) but its sound IS the sound of my dreams. Clear, sweet, very strong, with a beautiful individual character that still allows me to transparently express my ideas. This guitar is perfectly balanced, plays like a fantasy, and is extremely robust – and for single coil pickups, the SingleSonics are firebreathers and manage to be very quiet in terms of hum. Juha crafts guitars that are as good as anything out there, but it goes beyond just being a guitar- owning a Ruokangas, to me, is like owning 3 albums worth of material you haven’t written yet!”
– Ben Wigler