Juha Björninen

Juha plays

VSOP Classic and Duke Sonic

Juha Björninen must be one of the hardest working session players and producers in Finland – over 12 000 recorded tracks since 1971! He leads Juha Björninen Band, works actively also as a producer, has recorded with many top artists – “Tubbs” Paul Williams, Giraldo Piloto, Lilian Garcia, Torrie Zito, Gordon Haskell, Douglas Pashley, Kirka, Anna Eriksson, Laura Voutilainen, Jari Sillanpää, and Pablo.

Juha has played in the following line-ups (among many others): Jukka Gustavson, Piirpauke, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Pekka Pohjola Group and worked in close co-operation with Kassu Halonen for over 30 years. He has become a familiar face for Finnish TV viewers over the years, performing in various TV show housebands nearly 30 years.

“The Ruokangas VSOP is the most ergonomically designed guitar I have ever played. It is very easy and comfortable to play both sitting down and strapped on – which is very important as playing through number of sets during one night. The VSOP feels stable, stays in tune very well and looks attractive too. Excellent work!”
– Juha Björninen