Aaron Kaplan

Aaron plays

VSOP Classic

Aaron Kaplan is a hard working professional guitarist from California, USA. He plays sessions for TV, movies and albums. Aaron also tours throughout the states and abroad with many well known singer/songwriters, including Rod Stewart, Lyndsey Buckingham, The Bloody Lovelies, BT, Hanson, Linus Of Hollywood, Matchbox 20, Weird Al Yankovic, Tim Burgess (Charlatans UK) and the late jazz bassist Al McKibbon (Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk), to name just a few.

A long-time musical collaboration with composer James S. Levine has led to Aaron’s instrumental work on hit television shows, including “Nip/Tuck”, “Raising the Bar” and also “The Closer”. His composition and guitar work is also heard on “Top Chef”, “Project Runway”, Real Housewives of Orange County”, “Royal Pains” and “NCSI LA”. Aaron’s recent film work includes guitars on the scores of the hit films Ironman, Monsters Vs. Aliens and Open Season 2.

Aaron recently finished work with his band “Raw Sugar” on their debut album, and has also completed a solo album “Salvaged”, which is available through Aaron’s website.

“The Ruokangas VSOP is one of the finest and most versatile guitars that I’ve played. The quality of craftmanship is unparalleled and the ultra-clean electronics are perfect for sessions where avoiding noise is an important factor. The immense amount of tonal variation make it the only guitar I need for sessions and gigs. I will be playing my VSOP for many years to come!”
– Aaron Kaplan