Tom Fay / Exoterik

Tom plays

Duke Custom

UK Based heavy rock band Exoterik are united by their determination and desire to create an infectious mix of stomping, energetic riffage and ethereal beauty within their music. After recording their previous album Don’t Swallow between Finland and Latvia with producer John Fryer, Exoterik decided to keep to their roots this time and recorded their second album in England. The album Butterfly In Your Hand was published in October 2009, encapsulating Exoterik’s dynamic approach to songwriting with their energetic riffs and passionate delivery.

Tom Fay grew up in Ireland and was primarily exposed to traditional Irish instruments, but was eager to learn guitar. He started to play the guitar at the age of 16 and took to it very quickly. He formed a band that played mainly covers but it wasn’t too long they were penning original numbers. Tom moved to England, played in an Irish/Rock cover band that was playing venues up and down the UK. At this point Tom met Anneka Latta (vocals) and their mutual love for rock and roll and metal enticed them to form Exoterik.

Tom found out about Ruokangas guitars during the recording sessions of their first album in Finland. The owner of the Grooveland Studios happened to own a Ruokangas Duke DeLuxe guitar, which Tom ended up using on the singles and half of the album. Tom fell in love with the guitar, contacted Juha for possible co-operation, and here we are! Now Tom has his own gorgeous custombuilt Aqua Sunburst Duke Custom – and here are Tom’s comments:

“Juha and his team have brought my vision of a custom guitar to life! Every little intricate detail is flawlessly designed and the guitar caters for my diverse live and recording needs. The striking and eloquent finish is matched perfectly with the tone this Duke Custom delivers. It has a sweet natural clean tone with excellent sustain. Switch on the distortion and the guitar pumps out a meaty and tight sound that cuts through the mix. Thank you Juha for creating this beauty for me! the building process, communication during the different stages of assembly and post delivery care are second to none. Ruokangas really raises the standards and expectations of guitar players world wide, I can’t wait to plan another design in the near future.”
– Tom Fay