Jani Wickholm

Jani plays

Mojo Grande

Jani’s family got a piano when Jani was 4-years old. His exceptional musicality came forth in very early age, and he started studying classical piano at the age of six. Jani started playing guitar a few years later, and it stole his heart completely.

Jani played actively in local bands, influences changing from Finnish sang pop/rock all the way to Dream Theater. His technical skills as a guitarist developed further, partly to adapt his keen interest to prog rock. Jani continued to explore different fields of music scene on amateur basis, getting his living from various “real jobs”.  

A turning point for Jani’s music career came with the Idols television show. At first sceptical about such competitions, Jani decided however to check it out – and this was to change his life for good! Jani came in second place on the Finnish Idols 2003, and he has released five albums since, all of them enjoying great success on the Finnish album and single charts.

“The Ruokangas Mojo sounds absolutely great and the playability is in it’s own class! This guitar survives rough life on the road. Player’s choice!”
– Jani Wickholm