Musikhaus Jever

musikhausjeverHolger Hanenkamp, the owner of Musikhaus Jever is first and foremost, a true guitar enthusiast. Holger and his team have represented us from year 2002, and our relationship with the shop has developed to be quite special. Holger surely knows his business!

Musikhaus Jever has a very impressive collection of our guitars in their stock. This makes their shop the place number one to go when you’re looking for a Ruokangas guitar. Musikhaus Jever is also known for their special interest in left-handed guitars, and they always have a Ruokangas lefty (or two) for you to try!

Please see the Musikhaus Jever website for the current stock and contact Holger and the guys for further information. Musikhaus Jever ships world wide.

Grosse Wasserpfortstrasse 6
26441 Jever
Tel. +49 4461 916 070
Fax. +49 4461 759 075