The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt / Episode 3

Just Like Mr. Miagi, Master Juha puts sensei Fastfinger to real work. Dive deep Into the ocean, give me fish jaw tremolo. This Episode features tunes: Just Like Mr. Miagi (single -release / Senseitional Treasure Tape -album) and Great Blue Waves (Spirit Rising -album) . oh the intro and outro has clips of “Be Wind My Friend (Spirit Rising)
Progressive and instrumental musical adventure. A film to finally reveal the secrets and the magic how the best guitars are made. Starring master guitarist Mr. Fastfinger and guitar maker Juha Ruokangas. Music and direction by Mika Tyyskä. Movie mixes live action and cartoons.

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Directed and Animated by
Mika Tyyskä

Story by
Mika Tyyskä and Juha Ruokangas

Mika Tyyskä and Liina Toiviainen

Matti Immonen

Liina Toiviainen

Music composed by
Mika Tyyskä

Mr. Fastfinger – as himself
Juha Ruokangas – Master Guitar Maker
Jyrki Kostamo – Space Guitar Maker
Tomi Nivala – Angry Guitar Maker
Lari Lätti – Nut Guitar Maker
Emma Elftorp – Angel
Pasi “Tervarauta” Raivio – Blacksmith

Voice Cast
Mr. Fastfinger – Vesa Eloranta
Narrator – Lasse Rantanen
Accordeon Demon – Janne Kallio
Dwarves – Mikko Mutanen

Soundtrack features following musicians:

Mika Tyyskä – guitar,
Thomas Törnroos – drums,
Lasse Rantanen – bass

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)
Michael Angelo Batio
Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun)
Jan-Olof Strandberg (Strandberg Project)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw (Solo, ex-Pain of Salvation)
Kalle Katz (Mr. Fastfinger Band)
Sami Tupala
Andrey Sazonov