Unicorn Supersonic
serial number: #136


Our brand new baby got ready just in time to be revealed at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015! With the Unicorn Supersonic we introduce to you not only a new Ruokangas model but also our brand new Bare Bone™ finish that looks awesome and feels smooth as velvet. Another new original Ruokangas feature are the Lock-Thru-Body™ bridge bushings, that make the guitar stronger (the wraparound bridge will not bend forward in time, like you often see happening with this bridge type) and guarantee unparalleled energy transference from the bridge to the body of the guitar. Other features include our trademark materials Spanish Cedar and Arctic Birch, Custom 1957 P90 pickups by Harry Häussel, aluminium ABM 3024 bridge, openback Gotoh SE700 tuners and stainless steel frets. Dig it!

The waiting list for a custom ordered Unicorn Supersonic is 8 months. This guitar is brand new, and is available. Interested? Feel free to drop us e-mail if you want it or if you have questions about the guitar!