Art Infused II
serial number: #290


Ruokangas Art Infused II! Ladies and gentlemen – we’re happy to unveil to you the beautiful artwork by Juno Ruokangas, custom painted for The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015.

“My daughter Juno worked as a volunteer at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014, and she had a chance to hear and see Earkraft play a demo concert on Sunday. There, on the spot, she wrote a poem, inspired by the melody lines of the guitar. Juno is a gifted young artist, and I asked her later on if she would like to paint a guitar top for me. She did. 🙂 And, she wanted to include to the artwork the poem she wrote a year earlier! So, here goes dear regards to Antti Paranko, my good friend and wonderful guitarist – here is my daughter’s poem, dedicated to you and your art of playing the guitar!” – Juha Ruokangas

As if it were a creature, the sound stretches up and down; everywhere; even those directions that were not there before.
Is the guitar playing him or is he playing the guitar?

– Juno Ruokangas

This is the second piece in what will grow in time to a series of unique Art Infused Ruokangas guitars. The first Art Infused guitar was painted live by Sabine Reimer at Ruokangas Rendezvous 2014, and sold to Weaver Street Guitars, North Carolina, USA.

Interested in this instrument? Drop us email – or come see the guitar live at The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015 in Berlin!