Jani Rinta-Keturi

Jani apprenticed for a short while in 2013 at our shop, and left a lasting impression. When the time came to look for one more luthier to our team, we all felt the same way – Jani was our number one choice. He is an extremely talented luthier with one special skill the rest of us don’t have – Jani has a master’s degree in wood carving. So stay tuned for new custom option possibilities to be added to our roster..!

“When I called up Jani and asked if he would be willing to consider working for me, he told me it was a bit complicated because he was at the time working as a wood carver in Wales… So my first thought was – damn, missed it! After careful consideration he however decided to accept my offer (to my surprise and delight!), so he moved back to Finland and joined us. Fantastic!”
– Juha Ruokangas