Ruben Roeh

Ruben plays

Mojo Classic

Ruben Roeh, touring and session guitar player based in Hamburg, Germany, first came into contact with music at the tender age of five when his parents enrolled him in violin class. Although it took him many more years to realize the guitar was his true calling, he traded the bow for a pick two years later, setting the course for what would turn out a promising career.

Early experiences include various local musical productions, his own progressive-rock project, as well as an international tour with his school’s Big Band, yet the small town he grew up in left him wanting more. To pursue his ambitions, he moved to Hamburg to study at premier music college Hamburg School of Music under the tutelage of Germany’s top players, meeting and collaborating with many like-minded students, and eventually went on to become an instructor himself, having headed their summer program by the time he was 21.

His most current ventures range from backing million-selling industrial/adult-contemporary artist Joachim Witt, to touring extensively with singer-songwriter/ska/punk act Strom & Wasser.

“My Mojo Classic has become my go-to guitar for pretty much everything. I love how it amalgamates all my favourite sonic attributes different eras of Telecaster bring to the table. It’s snappy, twangy, and unmistakably Tele, with an exceptional evenness across the entire fretboard. Low notes are tight and punchy while even the highest notes carry weight and remain beautifully full-bodied. It can sing, bark, and scream. Its unfailing dependability makes it a touring player’s dream come true. I have gone as many as 7 or 8 hard-hitting songs without retuning. Like no other guitar, it is utterly in tune across the entire neck – no doubt a result of the stunningly diligent fretwork. It’s one of those truly enabling instruments, that brings out the best in me night after night!”
– Ruben Roeh