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Stella Christine Elisabet Löflund (born 1992) is a Finnish singer-songwriter. She first rose to public attention when she competed in “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, UMK” in 2016 (Competition of New Music), which is a tv-show but also the national pre-selection of the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest representant. The semi-final was a big success and she made it to the finals with her debut single “Ain’t Got Time For Boys”. According to critics, it was an unusual Eurovision song because of its “souly and jazzy vibes” but definitely one of the most musically rich songs in the competition. The song has been played on the radio along with only a few of the other Finnish Eurovision songs this year.

Stella Christine is from a musical family. She grew up listening to her father playing songs by bands and artists like The Beatles and Tommy Emmanuel on the piano and the guitar. Her mother also played the piano and sang. Stella started off singing and playing the piano as a child. Later when she was a teenager she started playing the bass in her first band – according to Stella it was because nobody else would play it. However, very soon after that she found the guitar and hasn’t let go of it since. The soothing sound from the guitar, whether it’s from an acoustic or an electric guitar, is her biggest inspiration when writing songs.

Stella Christine found Ruokangas when she was looking for a guitar that would share the journey with her in the UMK-competition. She fell in love with a white Ruokangas VSOP and that’s now her number one electric guitar. Stella adores female songwriters who play electric guitar, such as Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones and Tori Kelly.

Stella Christine is a professional musician and right now she focuses on gigging and working on her EP, which she hopes to release in fall 2016.

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“The Ruokangas VSOP is my number one electric guitar. It simply feels like it’s meant for me and is the most beautiful sounding and looking guitar I’ve ever had.”
– Stella Christine