Hans Elmers

Hans plays

Duke, VSOP and Mojo

Hans “Lucan” Elmers is a dutch guitarplayer and studio-owner. He is a producer for several dutch bands. Hans also composes and records his own music with his soulmate Lucia Hebers on drums & bass.

Hans has played in more than 30 bands/ projects over the years, in a variety of styles and is still an active musician. He is a bluesy player with his roots in the seventies rock, but he remains interested in all musical changes.

Hans owns a Duke Deluxe (Rogue), a VSOP custom (Misty) and a custom ordered Lucan Mojo. His fascination for Ruokangas guitars resulted in the Lucan-cd: Rogue & Misty, played with, inspired by and dedicated to those guitars. You can listen to a few songs from the cd on this page, and the whole cd is free for download on Hans’ Studio Lucan website.

“I play Ruokangas guitars ’cause they are the ultimate combination of an old vintage vibe with a modern touch of possibilities, looks and reliability. They instantly got me inspired again and I sold most of my other guitars because of them. I played most brands, also the vintage ones and the so-called Custom Shops. Of course they’re also fine guitars, but that’s where the comparison stops and Ruokangas moves on. All of their guitars are top notch, but for me the Duke is the most astounding guitar-evolution I’ve ever come across. So it seems I’ve finally found what I was looking for after so many years. Never thought it would be in Finland though…! And I love my new Mojo with trem – no-one who secretly adores a tele, but plays a strat because of tele-restrictions, has an excuse anymore: they all can come out of the closet now and buy this Lucan Mojo baby… haha!”
– Hans Elmers