Juha Ruokangas

Juha is the founder and sole owner of Ruokangas Guitars. He designs the Ruokangas guitar models and actively participates in building them. Juha’s other duties include attending guitar shows around the world and running the business side of things.

Juha studied lutherie in the early 90’s under the guidance of some of the finest Finnish luthiers. He graduated as a guitarmaker artisan from Ikaalinen College of Arts and Design in 1995, and founded Ruokangas Guitars the same year. The first years passed by doing repairs, building one-off custom guitars and working on the first original Ruokangas designs.

By 2015 Juha has unveiled six original design guitar models – Duke (1997), VSOP (2001), Mojo (2003), Hellcat (2007), Unicorn (2009) and Aeon (2015). In 2011 Juha launched finally the long awaited Ruokangas electric bass named the Steambass. The total of Ruokangas instruments shipped around the world exceeds 1000 pieces.

Besides making guitars, Juha lets out steam playing guitar in a rock band called Tadalang. With the band his main guitars are the Unicorn #1, Duke #1 and Mojo King #1, which are the core of his small private guitar collection. Juha and Emma also have a duet, gigging sometimes locally at friends’ parties. With the duet, Juha plays mainly a dreadnought acoustic guitar built by Emma.

Juha is one of Finland’s very few luthiers with a Master’s Degree. He is also the chairman of the board of The Guild of Finnish Luthiers and the vice president and one of the founding members of EGB (European Guitar Builders association).