Emma Elftorp

Emma apprenticed at our shop in 2004. She became Juha’s wife (long story short) and is now responsible of marketing at Ruokangas Guitars. All the videos and most of the photos on this website are shot and edited by her. Emma also keeps the website up to date, guards our social media pages together with Juha, and attends most of the guitar shows we go to.

She studied lutherie at Carl Malmsten school in Stockholm, and got her Journeyman degree in 2005. Emma has built various kinds of acoustic guitars and a few solid body electrics before joining our team in 2006. Nowadays she builds guitars only as a hobby due to her allergy to wood dust.

Music has always played an important role in Emma’s life, starting from singing in choirs to playing guitar and a few other instruments. Emma sings in the rock band Tadalang, in which Juha plays guitar. Emma and Juha also sometimes play and sing in an acoustic duet.

In 2014 Emma was inducted as an honorary member of the European Guitar Builders Association (EGB) in Berlin.

“Emma does really beautiful job with all these new videos, social medias and other marketing stuff that I didn’t really even know about earlier. Oh, what can I say… she’s amazing! To have Emma as my soulmate on and off duty, feels just unreal, every day. I’m blessed.”
– Juha Ruokangas