Jyrki Kostamo

Jyrki apprenticed at our shop in 2001 and during this period Juha noticed his immense talent and skills, and offered him to stay full time. Jyrki stayed and has been one of our trusted luthiers ever since.

Jyrki has studied lutherie in Ikaalinen College of Arts and Design, and graduated as guitarmaker artisan in 2001. Jyrki got his Master Luthier degree in 2010.

In his spare time Jyrki experiments building acoustic instruments such as flattop and jazz guitars. Jyrki also plays guitar in the bands Seal Of Beleth and Lathspell.

“Must have been in 1996 or so, this young kid stops by at my shop asking for advice to make his first guitar. I did my best to help him out. A couple of years later he calls me up and asks for apprenticeship. I’m glad he called, and very happy that I agreed. Jyrki is my main man here, couldn’t do without. Respect.”
– Juha Ruokangas