“Our Thermo Treated Alder works just perfectly for my bolt-on designs. The tone is alive and kicking! It feels great to use such wonderful tonewoods as Alder and Arctic Birch from my home country. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence…”

– Juha Ruokangas

Alder is the most common tonewood used world wide for bolt-on electric guitar bodies. Finnish Alder species (Alnus Glutinosa) is similar to those growing in North America regarding tone and weight. The Finnish Alder seems however to have slightly stronger coloured grain structure, especially after the wood is Thermo Treated.¬†Alder contributes offering our bolt-on guitars a classic, open voiced and ringing tone that most players would define as “vintage”.

Alder grain has a warm, yellowish to brownish natural color, and when skillfully finished, the grain pops out with beautiful shimmer. Flamed alder is rare, but occasionally we have it in stock as well, so please ask for availability.

All of our see-through colored and most solid colored alder bodies are 2-piece, glue seam on the centerline. Occasionally we use also 3-piece bodies for solid colored bodies. This detail does not have a tonal effect. When ordering a guitar, you can specify at will if you prefer a 2-piece body for your solid colored bolt-on guitar.

The alder we use originates from sustainable sources in our home country Finland. The use of Alder does not require CITES or other certification.