Guitars Nightout 2001

Timo Halonen got this idea of putting a ‘Ruokangas Guitars Night’ together. And as Timo gets a good idea, he usually acts also! A great band, legendary Finnish guitarists, Groove Café stacked full of people… just fantastic! The evening began with a little demo by Jukka Tolonen, Juha Bjorninen and Marko Karhu, followed by a couple of hours talking about guitars… Then it was time for the guitar/accordion duet of Pauliina and Peter Lerche. The Big Bore Band continued from there, the guest artists of the night including Juha Bjorninen, Marko Karhu, Jukka Tolonen, Jarmo Nikku, Frank Robson and Hasse Walli. The audience enjoyed the show very much – and so did we! I want to thank you Timo, once again, for arranging this unique happening!


Jukka Tolonen, Marko Karhu and Juha Bjorninen starting the evening with a jam.


Left – J.Tolonen and J.Bjorninen / Right – Jukka and me


Marko “Nalle” Karhu and J.Bjorninen


Pauliina and Peter Lerche played a set of beautiful songs composed by Peter.


Big Bore started shooting… Frank Robson in vocals.


Jarmo Nikku joined the show a bit later on with Jukka and Juha.


Left – J.Bjorninen solo / Right – Hasse Walli joined in also!


Rauli Mard, a famous Finnish artist, presented Ruokangas Guitars this memorable gift. All the stars of the Groove Café show – Jukka Tolonen, Juha Bjorninen, Peter Lerche, Marko Karhu, Jarmo Nikku, Hasse Walli and Frank Robson – autographed the painting. We have it now hanging on our workshop wall… Thank you Rauli!