Frankfurt Musikmesse 2004

Here you are – a small pictorial from the Musikmesse 2004. I got some nice photos, but feel that I must’ve missed many nice happenings as well. Special thanks go to Klaus Somerkoski (Mr. Fyr) and Jarno Sipilä for all your efforts!



Chris Bädge, the owner of Black Pumpkin Music Shop – the brand new exclusive Ruokangas dealer in Luxembourg. Best wishes to you, Chris and Vanessa!


Jukka Tolonen, the Finnish national guitar hero of all time, was kind enough to join with us as our demo player for the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2004. Thank you Jukka and Deniz so much!


Jukka and Markus Setzer played together each day a couple of times, mostly at our stand, but this one set at hall 4.2 Music Arena. Edmund – I still feel sad that you didn’t find us in time… I should’ve kept the mobile on!


Jukka, me and Markus. Markus – thank you so much – you were irreplaceable (difficult word..) and delightful dinner company with Sabine!! We have to do that again next year. And remember, if you ever come to Finland…


Jukka played together with many great artists during the four days in Frankfurt. Here he’s jamming together with Juhan Ecare (from France, technically) and Marcio Eiras (from Brazil). Juhan endorses Kopo guitars and Marcio endorses Tagima guitars.


Mr. Seiji Tagima from Tagima guitars. It was an honour to meet the founder of the leading guitar manufaturing company of Brazil. Thank you for the t-shirts, Mr. Tagima!


Jukka jamming together with Marcio Eiras. I remember Jukka came to me after he had played with Marcio for the first time, and said: “Where the hell do you find all these amazing players!!” Well – hard to say nothing to that, but Marcio is really something unique…


From left: Mika Koskinen, Jukka Tolonen, Juha Ruokangas, Markus Setzer and Klaus “The Happy Driver” Somerkoski. We had fun – I hope you did too!