The NAMM Show 2005

This was our first time at NAMM. The trip was great fun, especially for me – this was my first time in the USA ever.. We celebrated my 33-year birthday in Hollywood at Musso and Frank’s restaurant, a very good dinner, nice company, beautiful atmosphere… Here you are – I’ve collected some photos from the show.

Also, apart from the NAMM show itself, we had a couple of days holiday, visited some nice places – Venice Beach, Joshua Tree National Park and even a few guitar stores. One I remember, True Tone Guitars in Santa Monica- they DIDN’T buy our guitars!!! Yet, at least. 🙂 They had Suhr, Anderson, Grosh and Tyler – but no Ruokangas! Have to work on that. 


Our 100 square feet booth, ready for the show. The pic was taken at the end of move-in day. Exhausted we were, I remember…


Larry Cooperman – our first Californian dealer! Larry bought nearly everything we had along. 


Jol Dantzig, the founder of Hamer guitars. It was so fun to get to meet all these important people! Jol gave me good advice and enjoyed to see that young guys do a good job too…


Ron Menelli, sitting besides his brand new Mad Professor amplifier! And, holding a Duke DeLuxe that he will (hopefully) order soon.. Hi Ron! 😉


I think that is one of the editors from GP mag sitting down. Harri Koski tells him some facts about the amp. Eero Kilpi is the guy in the middle, with blond hair.


Pete Anderson. Do I need to say more..? He liked the Mojo Grande as well as the Mad Professor.


John Suhr. A really nice guy. Thank you, John and Steve, for the good advice you gave me about dealership issues!


Deborah and Magne from Norway, Godlyd. It was great to meet you at NAMM! That guitar we are holding, a really nice piece – the VSOP NAMM SPECIAL…


Andy Ellis from Guitar Player. We had such a nice chat. Andy, remember what I said – the next time you come to Finland…


It was an honour to meet Tom Anderson, too. He played almost every guitar we had, tried most of BJF pedals, spent a long time at our booth. Our website Virtual Workshop – that he liked a lot.


Aaron Kaplan with his girlfriend Courtney. The pic is taken at Rainbow Club in Hollywood. The NAMM was over, and we had a great time, thank you Aaron and Courtney! Hope to see you both soon! Aaron will be touring in Europe with Hanson the spring 2005. Check the Hanson website for details!