Frankfurt Musikmesse 2005

Here you go, a small series of pics taken during the messedays 6-9. April 2005.

Years go by flying… This was our 6th time at Frankfurt Musikmesse, and it feels almost like yesterday when we drove there the very first time together with Markku Henneken with his small Toyota stacked up with gear. A german luthier Magnus Krempel was kind enough to accommodate us, poor young luthiers, for the messe week, and every day we drove from Magnus’ small village to Frankfurt together with this totally crazy bassplayer Markus Setzer… What a time. 

We received such warm welcome in the very beginning from everyone, the small companies who already had gained more experience at the fair. Markus Setzer and his loverly wife Sabine have become dear friends, as well as so many others – Harry Häussel, Rainer Tausch, Nik Huber, Jens Ritter, Ulrich Teuffel, J. Hayes and so many others. Feels good – this business offers in many ways so much more than just work.

I feel grateful for this year at Musikmesse – the feedback was so overwhelming from all over. We have now new dealers, got to meet some old dealers that we hadn’t met before – Walter and Cornelia from Edwards Music and Herbert from Sounds of Strings… Yes, very good show, a success in many ways.


Our road crew from lutherie school in Finland, the first 3 guys from left: Anssi Nuutinen (the teacher), Sami Koivisto and Tuomas Eriksson. On the right Jyrki Kostamo. Having a beer before booth set-up…


A view to the booth.. Nice guitars, the newcomer VSOP Supreme up front. The custommade, woodcovered Apple iMac gathered lots of interest too! Notice the oval frames on both sides of the booth – those you will see in the future at all the shops selling Ruokangas.


On left, Harri Koski, our no. 1 dealer in Finland – and the manufacturer of the awesome Mad Professor amplifiers. In the middle, our no. 1 customer in Austria, Edmund Piskaty!! Regards to both of you!


These two gentlemen from Musical 72, a spanish guitarshop, have visited our booth on regular basis year after year. This time they decided to start as our first dealer in Spain!! Check the dealer listing for details.


Legendary Finnish luthier Juha Nuutinen on left.


Our most northern dealer from Kajaani, Finland. We’re holding one of the first pieces of the newcomer La Muerte, designed for metal players.


On right, Mr. Kees Dee from… errhh… Kees Dee, a big guitarshop in The Netherlands. They may have our guitars in stock during in the near future too.


Holger Hanenkamp and Sebastian Schmalz from Musikhaus Jever, our new dealer in Germany. They already have some guitars in stock, and will have a very nice selection within the next months. Check the shop details from our dealer listing!


Herbert Retterath from Sounds Of Strings, on my right side. On the left Herberts’ customer, didn’t get his name unfortunately…


Sascha Wiegand (vocals, guitar) from Bitune, a VERY promising german rock band. See their website at – I’m sure we’re going to hear from these guys!!


Walter and Cornelia from Edwards Music, our Swiss dealer. First time I got to meet these people in person.. Best regards to all in Switzerland!


Trevor Wilkinson, the father of Wilkinson guitar hardware. Always nice to know the people behind the products in person.

Well, that’s it for this year – next year we’ll be back again!