The NAMM Show 2006

Thank you once again for all you people who stopped by at our booth. Guitar enthusiasm – what a wonderful thing it is!! Here you are, a small series of pics from the show!

This was our second NAMM Show. My second trip to USA ever, and again I could celebrate my birthday under California sun instead of amongst snowstorms and freezing wind of Finland.

What a nice show it was… Such a warm welcome and awesome feedback from everyone, that I’m almost embarrassed about it. The European boutique guitars seem to have very nice following in the US nowadays. Names like Nik Huber, Johan Gustavsson and dare I say, Ruokangas, seemed all to be surprisingly well established over there. I am grateful and honoured, needless to say.


Our shiny little booth. The show stoppers at front, the ultimate matched set of Duke Royale guitar and custom built Mad Professor head and speaker cabinet. And the tone… oh man, you should’ve been there to hear it for yourself – this stack was kicking some serious ass!!!


In the middle, Marc Fichtner holding the first ever built Mojo Supreme guitar. The fretboard and top are handcrafted of figured Arctic Birch. This baby is one of the most resonating electrics you’ve ever heard, I quarantee you that! Check out Marcs Guitar Shop at


May I introduce to you Mark Mendoza and JayJay French from Twisted Sister. Thank you guys for inviting us to the wild Hilton party! JayJay ordered some time ago a very nice Mojo Grande guitar from us – we’re coloring the top actually here this very day I’m writing these texts…


It was an honour for me to meet one of the grand old men of electric guitar industry, Gary Kramer. Thank you Gary for the kind words about my guitars!


On the left Jamie Gale , the owner of Revolution Music, Canada. And the funny looking (!) guy on right is Geoff, Jamies humble employee who “chooses” to stay in Canada taking care of the store while Jamie “is forced” to fly to Europe this spring to Frankfurt Musikmesse to meet all friends… See you next year in LA, Geoff! 🙂


Mr. Mean Gene Baker, ladies and gentlemen. It was great to hear the wheels are rolling again for him. Great guitars, those Bakers…


On the left, Deb and Magne from Godlyd, Norway. In the middle Harri Koski and me. On the left Makoto Fugano from Freedom Custom Guitar Research (Tokyo), with his lovely wife (can’t remember the name!). We had a really nice dinner – as you can see, Deb is already sinking under the table and Harri is falling asleep…


Mr. Harri Koski from Mad Professor Amplifications. I was kind enough to take him with me to NAMM as he promised to keep the booth tidy – here Harri is wiping the 10-year Anniversary Duke Royale clean. Joking… Check out the best amplifiers in the world at


Carl Resnikoff holding his new VSOP Supreme guitar. This is the first piece ever colored ‘Natural’. The top, pickguard and fretboard are all thermo-treated Arctic Birch from northern Finland. Cool guitar!!


One of the nicest things about trade shows is that you get to meet colleagues! Jack Briggs, a fellow luthier – not only his guitars are beautifully detailed, but they ring like a bell. Just as they’re meant to be!


Edé Wright, holding the Duke Royale, which made a lasting impression to him, I might add… Check out Edés website – a wicked player!!


The winner team! Eero Kilpi is The Man! Harri Koski is The Man too! The small chap on the right… tired but happy after the successful NAMM Show 2006. We all want to say Thank You!!! Until next time…


Couldn’t resist to add this last one… taken the following week after NAMM in Arizona desert. Me and Harri decided to play Easy Rider a bit during our vacation week. Cool. The guys at bike rental warned us that it might be too cold to ride. What..!!?? They should visit Finland in January – THAT’S cold!!!