Frankfurt Musikmesse 2006

Here you are, some selected pics from our successful Frankfurt show 2006!

Phew… I counted back time – this picture series is “not more” than 4 months late… Well, better late than never! This year we co-operated closely with two German Ruokangas dealers: Musikhaus Jever and Musicfactory Eschwege. I thank you guys – Holger Hanenkamp, Sebastian Schmalz and Peter Klebe – and bow down deep for your invaluable help! By the way, check out the updated Musikhaus Jever website and read about Holger’s dealer philosophy – now THAT’s what I call an uncompromised attitude!! The Oscar Wilde quote on the front page sums it up quite efficiently: “I have the simplest tastes – I am always satisfied with the best!”. Both Musikhaus Jever and Musicfactory Eschwege have a convincing selection of Ruokangas guitars in stock at all times so don’t forget to check them out!


The Frankfurt team 2006 from left – Peter Klebe (Musicfactory Eschwege), Sebastian Schmalz (Musihaus Jever), me and Holger Hanenkamp (Musikhaus Jever). Cool t-shirts guys! 😉


May I present to you our new UK dealer Pete Clay, Jam Guitars. Their brand new hi-end boutique is located in Bristol, go check out the website, you’ll find the contact from our dealer page!


The legendary Larry Fishman ladies and gentlemen. We’ve used some of his products in our guitars over the years. Nice to meet the man himself finally…


The amazing tapping virtuoso Dmitri Maloletov from Moscow. His technique really kicks some serious ass I tell you! Notice the shotglass on top of the amp… The Russians… 🙂


The crowds cheered when Dmitri played…


The future hopes of guitar building – a group of Finnish luthier school students with their headmaster Anssi Nuutinen (in the middle).


Devoted Ruokangas player Hendrik Bartels. Regards to the Musikhaus Jever guys!


Mika, I’m sorry that you didn’t fit in the picture. But – your wife (Pirjo) and daughter (Crista) did, so… no hard feelings, eh?


I got a phone call sometime last year from this man, Anno Galama, and he congratulated me for choosing such fine tonewood (spanish cedar) for my electric guitars. I found out that Anno has built quite much electric guitars a long time ago from this same wood species! Spooky – I didn’t even know that spanish cedar has been used like this before our times…


The Schmalz brothers on my side, Stefan (left) and Sebastian. As I recall, Stefan doesn’t YET have any of our guitars… 😉


The show is over! Having a sandwich and beer at our fellow guitars makers booth. Fibenare guitars – we found out that our UK dealer Jam Guitars carries their line also. Thank you for the refreshing drinks guys! Cheers everyone – see you next year, same time, same place!