Fullmoon Guitars

Katsutoshi Shirogane at Fullmoon Guitars shares the same philosophy, vision and love for guitars as we do! Katsutoshi knows his stuff, having been in the business since late 80’s. He has the ear for superb tone and the eye for impeccable quality. We’re proud that Fullmoon Guitars is now the exclusive dealer in Japan for Ruokangas.

“I’m so happy that our paths crossed with Katsutoshi. From the first contact I felt genuine brotherhood with him, and I’m overjoyed that I have such a great guy and true guitar aficionado now representing my work in Tokyo.” – Juha Ruokangas

#201 Hills Fukazawa, 4-18-14 Fukazawa,
Setagaya, 158-0081
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3704-0158