Montreal Guitar Show 2012

“This was a very special show for us, since Emma and I haven’t gone to shows together since our little Elias boy was born, and we’ve missed the trips a lot! Now we decided to take Elias with us and see what comes… ūüėČ All went surprisingly smoothly and Elias became the unofficial MGS mascot for sure – anywhere he went with his little toy Mockingbird guitar (thanks Mikey!!!) cameras were pulled out and everyone was smiling!

Extra special thanks and hugs to Mike Potvin & Jennifer Clarkson for helping out so much with Elias! Tania & Michael (Spalt), you were a great help too, thanks! Thanks so much for everybody – luthiers, visitors, organizers… thank you Montreal – you have a special place in my heart!”

– Juha Ruokangas