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The best guitars in the world

Juha_268“I often say we make the best electric guitars in the world. And I mean that, seriously. I have four luthiers working for me, and we build a very limited amount of guitars on annual basis. I like to keep it that way. We’re small enough so things stay stress free, perfectly under control. Together we are capable to craft better guitars than I could alone.”

– Juha Ruokangas

What’s In The Case

What is in the caseWith your newly purchased Ruokangas guitar, you’ll find the following items in the custom Hiscox hardshell case.

Complete with wax seal and Juha Ruokangas’ signature, this certificate verifies the authenticity of your guitar. Store this in a safe place together with the warranty card or get a nice frame and put it on the wall!

This little booklet includes loads of information about your Ruokangas guitar, starting from instructions how to attach the straplocks to your strap, to full set-up guide of your guitar.

Every guitar at our shop is treated with great care. We document each building process, and provide a little photo collage for your archives, or to put on the wall.

Keep your guitar clean with our high quality Ruokangas microcloth, provided in the case. We’ve slipped the cloth between the strings and frets prior shipping. This is a good habit for you too, when transporting your guitar. It protects the frets from strings pressing marks into them if the case gets bumped around.

In the provided canvas pouch you’ll find the adjusting tools of your guitar and the straplocks to attach to your guitar strap. The pouch is handy to store pics and other small items as well.

From the warranty card you can check not only the warranty conditions, but also the full specs listing of your new guitar. Keep this document well stored for future – and don’t forget to register your guitar within 30 days of purchase!

Notice that if your guitar was shipped from our workshop before January 2010, the case does not necessarily include all the items mentioned above.


warrantyEach Ruokangas instrument is covered by a limited warranty for 20 years against faulty workmanship and defective materials.

Hardware (bridge, tuners, etc.) is covered by warranty given by its’ manufacturer.

Ruokangas Guitars will repair or replace, at their option, any defective part. The purchaser agrees to pay all freight expences of the repaired guitar.

The warranty does not cover defects caused by accident, normal wear, misuse or natural cracking of lacquer (sudden changes of temperature or humidity).

This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only. If the warranty is to be continued after change of owner, the instrument has to be inspected by the manufacturer.

Only Ruokangas is authorized to do repairs under warranty. No other kind of written or oral warranty applies.

Warranty is void if the instrument is not registered within 30 days from the purchase.