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Redesigning The Roots

Juha“I’m proud to introduce to you the Unicorn, a guitar that sums up my career in many ways – the wood materials I’ve learned to love so much, constructional design points, tonal fine-tuning to perfection, aesthetic and ergonomic balance – a guitar that at first glance may appear familiar, yet when experienced, turns out to be so exceptional.”

– Juha Ruokangas

Unicorn Classic

The Unicorn Classic is the culmination of Juha’s luthier experience since the early 90’s. Despite the full blooded Ruokangas design elements and unconventional material choices the Unicorn oozes roots and tradition.

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Unicorn Artisan

With the Unicorn Artisan Juha has stepped outside the box to explore, experience and design the ultimate semi-hollow electric guitar. His trademark tonewood recipe guarantees dynamics and responsivity second to none.

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