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Boom Boom Boom!

Juha_268“I’m so happy to present to you my first electric bass – the Steambass! I’ve been dying to design a bass for a long time – one key reason for this being the fact that I know so well what the Thermo Treatment does to wood, especially to the bend strength, overall rigidness and stability. Bottomline – I knew that we could make a bass that sounds and feels awesome – but I’m no bass player so I needed help. Thanks to Markus Setzer, an unbelievably awesome bass player and a dear friend of mine agreed to join me in the design process, and together we reached for the stars to create the perfect electric bass. And the result… well, we couldn’t have succeeded any better!” – Juha Ruokangas

Steambass Classic

We’ve succeeded in combining the best features of vintage bolt-on basses with our special knowledge of tonewood and created this super dynamic, open sounding true working man’s bass. Boom Boom Boom – here comes the Steambass Classic!

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Steambass DeLuxe

The Steambass Deluxe offers you the voice of it’s own – slightly mellower, harmonically more complex yet still with sparkling highs! A perfect bass combining more modern, classier look with great, versatile tonal palette for any style of music!

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