"All I can say is "wow"! What an amazing instrument. Looks alone it is a stunner. Sound-wise it is a tone machine! Thank you and your team again for your outstanding craftsmanship. "
- John Gilmour, USA
"WOW, what an instrument (Steambass). Everything is perfect - the look and the sound. I played the last 2 hours and my fingers won’t stop. You and your team do a very good job. Thank you!"
- Björn Hagen, Germany
"Opened case today. Man. You. Build. The. Best. Guitars. Period. Awesome! (Mojo King)"
- Lars Stugemo, Sweden
"Some men, when they reach the age of 50, want to buy a motorcycle, fast boat, locomotive or something similar. I bought a Ruokangas Mojo Grande 12-string guitar‎... and I'm in heaven. A true piece of art, brilliant grand sound, easy to play and joy to eye. Thanks Juha, feeling good..."
- Kurt Kokko, Finland
"I´ve tried quite a few great guitars, but none that fits me quite as well as this one. Your touch given to a classic design is not only precious aestetics, but it feels just right in the hands. It´s a joy to work with, and in a world of much superfluous mass-production it´s a deep pleasure to come upon such an example of craft going all the way to becoming true art. I thank you Juha and all at Ruokangas! It´s been a real pleasure to deal with you. Keep up this great spirit and enjoy!! "
- Ole Krogh, Spain
"Every great instrument is a world. This Mojo Grande is a very inspiring world - like a sexy, openminded, beautifull girlish lady with a great personality. It´s a masterpiece to be explored - at the same time simple and refined and with so much diversity and tone to discover, that I haven´t felt much need trying with added effects yet.I love the singing clarity, the transparency and the attack of this instrument just as it is. It makes me play better, and in the context of more complex instrumentation it stands out in the mix even with the volume relatively low."
- Ole Krogh, Spain
"Somewhere on the Ruokangas website there is a reference to a book by Robert Pirsig, “Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. I read it many years ago. I especially remember a chapter where a class of philosophy-students seem unable to come up with any good answer to the question: What is quality? Fortunately not everybody is that lost. At Ruokangas you know something about quality. It shows in everything in a long process - from the precise and carefull answers to my many questions never ever having played one of your guitars, and to this final Mojo Grande I received recently.I had build up high expectations, but from the moment I opened the box from Finland I´ve been quite astonished. It breathes quality in every aspect. There is love and respect in this. Towards the craft and the materials. Towards the players and towards what it all sums up to - the music."
- Ole Krogh, Spain
"I must thank you once again for this dream guitar! I am thrilled - the workmanship and the finish of my Unicorn Artisan – this is really High End! The sound – playing lead or clean – great! And even when you play pure acoustic, unplugged – this dynamic and attack, the sustain - all together really amazing! It is so much fun to play this guitar, thank you so much!"
- Horst Scheibli, Germany
"The Unicorn Artisan is unbelievable and just blows me away. The build quality is beyond anything I’ve ever seen and touched and the tone is simply heaven! This is indeed the best guitar in the world! Thank you for making this dream come true!"
- Oliver Rauscher / Germany
"Juha - Words seem inadequate. My new guitar (VSOP Classic) is perfect in every way. Even though this time I knew what to expect, I'm once again astounded by the quality, the playability and the versatility this guitar offers. I can only say a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to you and all your team, for making me the happiest man in the world today. I LOVE this guitar."
- Martin Brindley, United Kingdom
"My Mojo King Custom arrived yesterday and I am very happy! Besides the fantastic optical impression I must say I never heard a better clean tone on any guitar I ever played. It's unbelievable how this guitar reacts and how the tone evolves but words cannot express what ears can hear, eyes can see, fingers can feel. All in all everything is exceeding my expectations. Many thanks to all who helped making my guitar-dream come true!"
- Ralf Plate, Germany
"What an awesome guitar the Mojo King is! So versatile - cuts through the mix - gorgeous in-between tone settings... and such an exceptional twang! Absolutely great - I love this guitar so much!"
- Stephan Wolter, Germany
"I’m very happy with the Steambass! I love the craftsmanship and all the details - the finishing of the frets, the materials you have used... and also the sound of the bass is very good! I’m very delighted!"
- Reto Fricker, Switzerland
"My Steambass Deluxe is very funky, light weight,covers all styles, easy playbility, good weight balance, superb tone... Makes me happy! Thanks Juha!"
- Albin Palasser, Austria
"Thank you for this magnificent instrument... for sure the finest I’ve played. My God, I didn’t think a single cutaway could sound better than a Strat. Plays beautiful out of the box."
- Chris Latvala, Canada
"First off, aside from the incredible quality of the guitars, it has been a pleasure to deal with Juha and Team Ruokangas. They truly are very organized, deliver on time and all my questions and concerns prior and during the build have been thoroughly addressed. I have the Mojo Classic and VSOP and I consider myself very lucky to have discovered and own them thru my friend who is a Ruokangas dealer. They are fantastic tone machines that are very stable, resonant, and balanced that it's hard to put them down once you pick them up. I've been spoiled by the solid craftsmanship, unparalleled comfort and those huge rich tones coming out from my Ruokangas guitars that it's now easy to spot the flaws that plague other guitars."
- Edgie Salvador, Singapore
"Recentemente ho acquistato una Unicorn Custom. Basta uno sguardo per comprendere l’elevata qualità di questo stupendo strumento, dettata sia dalla scelta dei raffinati materiali che dalla cura dei dettagli costruttivi. Finora simili caratteristiche ho potuto riscontrarle soltanto in chitarre molto piu costose e blasonate. “Chi cerca, oltre al buon timbro, anche la perfetta liuteria, può senz’altro trovarli in una chitarra Ruokangas."
- André Canonica, Switzerland
"Impressed!! Best guitar ever (VSOP Classic) - the neck is just perfect. The color awesome. And the tone just exactly what you want from a strat on Steroids. Be very proud of yourself and your team - I am!!"
- Lars Stugemo, Sweden
"I'd like to congratulate you for this magnificent guitar (Mojo Grande). I'm playing it a lot and it's a pleasure for the ears, the hands, and the eyes!"
- Davide Iudica, Italy
"The Steambass arrived today...! The processing, the sound, the playability, the look - even the accessories in the case are awesome, absolutely first-class! Honesty, I have no words to express how happy I am with this bass... For me it is a dream come true!!!"
- Matthias Fuhr, Germany
"I've been playing my new Mojo Grande for a week now, and it really plays the way it looks. Fantastic. I especially like the warm (semi)acoustic feel to it - I like fingerpicking and this is exactly what I had in mind. And the fact it is so lightweight makes it really a delight to play. Many thanks for your great work!"
- Marek Stibal, Denmark
"The Duke Classic is an amazing guitar. Whether I (CraigBeckGuitar) am teaching jazz, rock, blues or country, this guitar has it covered. The neck pick up exposes the inner voices of complex jazz chords like no other electric. When playing singing, distorted rock melodies, this guitar whispers into my ear what note to play next. Thanks Juha, teaching is now more fun than ever!"
- Craig Beck, USA
"The Duke Sonic is all about rock'n'roll - nothing to add! Great!"
- Kari Järvinen, Finland
"Three weeks ago I bought your blue Mojo King from Holger in Jever. And I just wanted to tell you that it's the very best guitar I've ever had and played! I'm so happy about the powerful and sensitive sound and it's so sexy on stage and on TV screen! Thank you so much for building such a great guitar!!"
- David Neumann, Germany
"Your attention to detail and sonic resonance is as good as it gets. The fret work is perfect and they almost have a bell like ring to them, even the solid bodies but especially the Unicorn Artisan. Great work, keep it up!"
- Bob Willcutt / Willcutt Guitars, USA
"My Mojo King is a wonderful instrument, so responsive, it has a soul I think! Thanks for the splendid instruments you make."
- Jean-Philippe Marchand, Switzerland
"This guitar is gorgeous, and plays like a dream. The tuning stability and tone is second to none. It is like a new gold mine that can be explored for riches. It is a guitar that I can grow and develop with. I have already made new discoveries on it with more to come. It is magical to me and there are songs and ideas within it. Thank-you so much for making me this Mojo Grande."
- James Fox, Canada
"My steambass arrived well on Friday. I can't believe how beautiful it is! The color is perfect, the headstock and the CW inlay are so cute... I can't find enough words to tell you how I feel... Thank you so much for this wonderful bass!"
- Christian Waap, Germany
"Hello Juha - yesterday the VSOP arrived - and I have to say - thank you maestro!!!!!!! Great work - I am really very happy in every way with the guitar - playability, sound.......!"
- Markus Zlöbl, Austria
"I can`t wait for the gig today to play the Unicorn! I've had a lot of expensive guitars and I have to say I've never thought a guitar can be this good. There is nothing I've ever had in my hands that comes close to this guitar!"
- Hans Zernin, Germany
"I love my new Ruokangas Unicorn. Simply put, Ruokangas Guitars are Playable Art. This is now the third guitar I have purchased from you and I can say, without hesitation, to all discerning collectors of fine electric musical instruments that one can never have enough Ruokangas Guitars!!!"
- Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister / USA
"My new Steambass in the Sundance color is beautiful. I am very satisfied and happy with the result - this is the dream bass I have wished for. The workmanship is excellent - it's clear that the instrument is made with dedication and passion. The sound of the Steambass is fantastic!"
- Stefano Kost, Switzerland
"Juha thank you very much for making such outstanding electric guitars. My Duke is incredible! It blows away every other guitars I have... and by far! I will now sell my 4 PRS guitars and my 1969 Gibson Les Paul. I thought I had some good guitars until I tried your Duke... Incredible! Outstanding! So lively!I honestly think that the Ruokangas are the Stradivarius of electric guitars."
- Francois Duranleau, Canada
"I've had my Mojo Grande now for a few weeks and I'm getting more and more excited every day. The special sound and sustain of the guitar is gorgeous and I have a lot of fun and inspiration playing this beautiful guitar. Thank you for building these fine instruments!"
- Thilo Wahle, Germany
"There is really something special about your guitars and craftmanship that other builders cannot reach... I think, like Oscar Wilde, I have the simplest tastes, too!"
- Stefan Eltermann, Germany
"My new Mojo King is definitely the most beautiful and perfect of all objects I've ever owned. Making such a thing would have been blasphemy to the ancient Maya people - they wove deliberately mistakes to their carpets, cause only God was to be perfect!"
- Jari Holma, Finland
"The Steambass Deluxe has arrived in it's new home and I am proud to be the owner of this beautiful masterpiece. What a sound, what a workmanship! Thanks a lot, also for your lovely Bass-Builder tool!"
- Jürgen Packheiser, Germany
"My new Mojo King delivers from the sweetest to meanest best sound, such great versatility. Can't wait to "get to know" and tweak this guitar and let its "mojo" show!"
- Alexander Valverde, Canada / Costa Rica
"I had the luck of buying a Duke Classic in U.S. some weeks ago. After trying the guitar for some days, and making minor adjustments, I realized that it must be one of the finest ever built instruments in the world. And the pickups definetly add personality to the instrument and the most hard to get quality: "Your own sound". A huge quality sound. I'm glad that I found Ruokangas in my musical path. Congratulations, you DO make the finest guitars in the world."
- Marcos Parra, Colombia
"I am love with this instrument (Steambass)! Every time I open the case I'm impressed by the look and the level of craftsmanship. I always play it "dry" first to feel the character of the whole instrument. Once it's plugged in it's not a simple instrument anymore. It's really a creative tool which supports and pushes me in developing my playing. Thanks for that!!!"
- Stefan Hesterberg, Germany
"One of the best electric guitars ever built has arrived home. The Black Eight Ball (Unicorn #8), the ultimate, dynamic Crunch-Tone-Monster is mine. This guitar is a perfect supplement to my other unbelievable Unicorn and my incredible Duke. Now I've got my own 'Tres Hombres' and I'm so glad!"
- Stephan Wolter, Germany
"After the first hours of playing the Unicorn I have to say that I am very, very satisfied with the guitar. The craftmanship is just excellent. Sound and playability is amongst the best I have ever found - and so far I owned app. 60 electric guitars of all major brands! The entire package (case, documents, accessories) is totally consistent with what I saw in the internet diaries and reflects the passion of your team. It might very well be, that this Goldtop is not my last Ruokangas guitar. "
- Dietmar Ley, Germany
"I thought my Duke was the best guitar on the planet, but I was wrong - my new VSOP DeLuxe is at least the same. And suddenly I like singlecoil sounds for the first time in my life! I can't wait to come home after work, see these beautiful pieces of art and perfect craftsmanship on my living room wall, choose one and start playing. Yesss!!! It's not smart to define happiness or serendipity by fixed assets, but your guitars are the keys to hours and hours of pure happiness!"
- Peter Steinlehner, Germany
"Thanks for building this great Unicorn! Things that really made the guitar stand out were the fit and finish, the very tactile Satin Nitro back and neck which I love, the weight of the guitar, and probably most importantly the pickups and the overall tone of the guitar. Wonderful, wonderful guitar!"
- Richard Bolt, Thailand
"Today it was a really really great day for me because the long awaited Steambasses arrived !! And what should I say, even the first touches were amazing! I played both of them for 5 hours this day and they are unbelievably good! I have played a lot of very expensive instruments and I have some great vintage guitars at home... And yet - you and your great team are the only guys in world that I know (and I know a lot!) that can produce such instruments! The tonality, sustain, overtones and high notes - the vibration of the whole instrument - every little thing you put in comes out great! It's amazing - a long search and a lot of wasted money has come to an end. Now I don't think that I ever need other basses. The Steambasses can do every job for me perfectly!"
- Andi Eichinger, Germany
"The tone and playability of the Unicorn is in its own class - now I know what they mean by the phrases like ”piano-like-low-end” and ”three-dimensional character”. And I also understand what they mean by ”clearly as bell” - despite the wanted musical sounds, it can also mean the slightest unwanted touch or unwanted resonance of a string! I was particularly surprised by how I instantly and sort of naturally started playing chops and stuff I have never been able to play before. I think the main explanation for this is the sensitivity, attack and dynamic responsiveness of the guitar. This means that I don’t have to push for getting what I want to, but can use less effort and play in a more relaxed way. On the other hand, if I want to give her a push, she also responses accordingly… this is just fantastic!"
- krk, Finland
"My Unicorn Classic arrived today in excellent condition - even the setup was perfectly to my liking! I just finished my first, three hour session with the Unicorn. Checking the sounds and playing along the recordings of Les Paul, Clapton, Green, Gibbons etc. revealed that the sounds and tones of these icons are masterbuilt in to this guitar! The pick seems to bound on the strings like by itself, so even some fast runs are much easier to execute (that is to my standard, of course). I must confess that the Unicorn succeeded in exceeding my expectations, which were already all time high. My sincere congratulations and thanks!"
- krk, Finland
"When I played a Ruokangas guitar for the first time, I discovered another world - Juha is a Master Luthier who makes some of the best guitars on earth. The Ruokangas guitars have something that other guitars haven't had since the 60's - the great wood, with the amazing work of the best guitarmaker. Every Ruokangas guitar rings and plays amazingly! "
- Nicolas Kerjosse, France
"I received my Mojo Classic from Fred Anstine (Elite Instruments) yesterday. It is a beautiful instrument that plays and sounds wonderful. Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work! "
- John Bishop, USA
"Thanks for building this great Unicorn! Things that really made the guitar stand out were the fit and finish, the very tactile Satin Nitro back and neck which I love, the weight of the guitar, and probably most importantly the pickups and the overall tone of the guitar. Wonderful, wonderful guitar!"
- Richard Bolt, Thailand
"Now I know it was the right decision to ask you to build this guitar and not to buy a Gibson custom shop. Even my guitar teacher tells me every lesson, how much better my guitar sounds than any Les Paul he knows! I am very happy with my Unicorn #25 and I am sure, that she is some level above of the rest of world. Thank you for her! :-)"
- Manni Schwebel, Germany
"I've had my Unicorn Classic now for about 10 months and I am glad to say, that she really is an amazing guitar. The neck pickup has a perfectly fitting, smooth bluesy tone and the bridge pickup has a really fine singing voice. The tone has nearly infinite sustain and regarding the lightweight wood, the attack of the tone is really beautiful, which I really appreciate!"
- Manni Schwebel, Germany
"Everybody in my band was impressed of the different sounds of the Steambass! As I play with warm tone or with the bridge pickup stacatto sounds, the brilliance of the instrument is always there! I don't have to play very loud or aggressive with this instrument, the Steambass has a very clear presence I've never experienced before!"
- Martin Kutschinski, Germany
"Since yesterday I'm the proud owner of this amazing sundance Duke Classic. I'd like to thank you once again for building this perfect guitar and that you've been so kind to answer my technical questions at the beginning! Thank you for choosing Musikhaus Jever as your dealer - you couldn't have found a better one!"
- Stephan Wolter, Germany
"I enjoy the unique sensitivity of the Steambass – whatever nuances I play, all can be heard. The harmonics are also very rich and well defined. This bass blows me away – it’s so inspiring!"
- Markus Setzer, Germany
"I love this guitar's (Duke Deluxe) tone, and I have held on to it and played it for about 7 years now as many others have come and gone. I feel privileged to have obtained this guitar in the "early" years. I admire your work immensely!"
- Dan Kenney, USA
"The Ruokangas team have a real passion for what they do every day! Every one of my Ruokangas guitars is absolutely awesome. I fell in love. Thank you so much Juha."
- Bruno Longobardi, France
"I bought my first Ruokangas guitar (VSOP Classic) in 2002 - a magnificent instrument with extraordinary sound and wonderful playability! Since then I've bought a Mojo Classic, another Vsop Classic, a Duke Classic and ordered a Duke Artisan and a Unicorn. I can say that everything on all my Ruokangas guitars is absolute perfection - the wood choices are the best, sustain and resonance are exceptional..!"
- Bruno Longobardi, France
"My VSOP Classic is absolutely awesome! I totally fell in love with it and yet it's getting better and better. The sound and feel of this guitar is unbelievable. Perfect work! Thank you so much Juha! "
- Falco Karassavidis, Germany
" WOW - this is the most unbelievable looking guitar I have ever seen! I have to say the Mojo Grande is even better than I imagined it could be. This guitar is alive. I have never played a guitar with more response and dynamics than this one. The depth and variety of control from the tone pot is just the best. I play every day and yet my fingers have still got sore because I can't put this one down. I love what you say on your website about the way you work too. Please accept my heartfelt thanks to yourself & all your staff for making this!"
- Martin Brindley, UK
"I love dearly my Unicorn guitar, it is one of the most amazing sounding, playing, & incredibly built masterpieces that I have ever had the pleasure of playing!"
- Craig Peachman, USA
"I want to congratulate you and your team for building such a wonderful instruments - My Mojo Grande is sublime. It has so much resonance and is so responsive.. I could not live without it… and barely pick up my other 8 guitars since ownership!"
- James Robinson, USA
"My Hellcat is the best guitar I have ever encountered in 25 years of playing, it is just perfect!"
- Christian Labbe, Canada
"I would like to extend my highest accolades possible for the incredible design and workmanship of your guitars!"
- David Miskit, Florida USA
"Last monday I got my new Ruokangas VSOP that I ordered from Musikhaus Jever. What can I say - this guitar is simply awesome!!! My expectations have been exceeded by large!"
- Stefan Eltermann, Germany
"Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful instument (Mojo Classic). The tone and responsiveness are amazing, it feels as if the guitar is alive!"
- Stuart Skilling, UK
"I understand that you have a real passion for what you do - it is not only about business. You have a real respect for your job. Thank you for that. There is not a lot of people like you today. I might come back to you one day to add another Ruokangas guitar to my house. "
- Franck Michaud, Israel
"As I opened the case and took the Unicorn in my hands, I immediately fell in love at first sight with it. I knew it was the one! I took 10 to 15 minutes to just look at it from every angle and to feel the material. As I plugged it to my Mesa boogie Lone Star it was just magic!"
- Franck Michaud, Israel
"The Mojo Blues pickups are just spectacular – with the tone rolled back, the bridge pickup seems to think it’s a humbucker. I have owned many boutique instruments ( Baker, Anderson, Suhr etc..) and this is the best I have played - it just feels like an old friend. Great work Juha!"
- Jeff Van Blarcom, USA
"The first thing I noticed is how resonant the Mojo Classic is unplugged. I literally thought I was playing an acoustic when I strummed it. The fit, finish and feel are also wonderful and it’s so nice to have a “real” neck (as in beefy but not clunky) on a tele. I am really loving the soft V neck on this!"
- Jeff Van Blarcom, USA
"Hellcat is a supreme guitar. It begs to be played and makes an old man feel young again..!"
- Aimo Alaniemi, Finland
"Finishing and setup of the Hellcat are flawless. What else would you expect? Pick it up from the case and start playing. Direct some light to exceptionally figured arctic birch top covered with caribbean blueburst and you'll be blown away. Everyone will surely envy you when you're on stage with this cat!"
- Aimo Alaniemi, Finland
"I've always been a bit of a skeptic for FloydRose or more or less tremolos in general. I've owned and tried some guitars with FR but have not been so happy with them. In Hellcat the FR simply seems to work - it stays in tune incredibly well and was adjusted just the way I like it. Tight yet sensitive but not too loose. Let the force be with you because sustain is indeed there already..."
- Aimo Alaniemi, Finland
"The Hellcat is a sleek and handy "RPM machine". When you pick it up and start playing it's soon obvious what it is made for. It is an invitation for fast fingers and string bending. I actually started to re-thing or re-invent some of my playing and solos just because with this guitar you can..."
- Aimo Alaniemi, Finland
"I bought a Mojo Classic from Juha two years ago - and this one has become my absolute favorite guitar in all aspects. I love it! The brilliant qualities, the unbelievable versatility, the extraordinary sound and playability of my Mojo are attributes being obvious to regard when describing a 'state of the art' guitar. But it is something more than that. It is said that every handcrafted instrument carries a part of the soul of the luthier who designed and built it - making it unique, organic and a true work of art. In my humble opinion, this is for me what's really defining the Ruokangas outstanding superiority."
- Tomas Jonsson, Sweden
"Thanks for this great VSOP, I'm really happy about the guitar! Now 20 gigs behind and it's getting better all the time. It's the guitar of my lifetime!"
- Pete Tolonen, Finland
"I'm very happy with my Duke. Its a killer and the best sounding guitar I have ever played and owned."
- Troels Rasmussen / Denmark
"I've now tested my new Mojo with a Mesa Boogie Transatlantic and a Bogner Shiva... do you know somebody who wants to buy my Fender, Gibson & PRS..? ;-) The Guitar is really great, also the neck pickup with the 4-way switch was the right choice... Really really a top guitar, you have a new fan!"
- Thomas Maack, Germany
"Juha Ruokangas and his team have set the bar very high. In addition to the fact that the guitars are "Perfect" customer service as well as delivery time is right in line; the guitar arrived when you said, it was exactly what I ordered and I was updated every step of the way. The term "you get what you pay for" has never been more. Thank you Ruokangas team."
- Kelcey Alonzo, USA
"I can't say thank you enough Juha, the work coming out of your shop is the kind of thing that Stradivarius would be proud of, and would make Leo Fender curious."
- Kelcey Alonzo, USA
"Everything on this guitar (Duke Artisan) is absolute perfection, the finish, wood choices, resonance, sustain and just a gem to look at. I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but I am quite taken with it."
- Kelcey Alonzo, USA
"Received the Duke in one day. The guitar made it safely to New York City. Upon popping open the case I was hit with a brush of exotic wood aromas, the smell of cedar was quite prominent. After it's long journey, the guitar was perfectly in tune when I started playing it, and here we are almost 48 hrs later and I haven't even touched the tuners yet. It is one of the most magnificent guitars I've seen (and I've seen a lot)."
- Kelcey Alonzo, USA
"The sound of my new Duke is very unique. At low gain, it sounds very natural, almost like an acoustic or an electric with a piezo pickup. As I lift the gain, it sounds more "electric", and finally at high gain it absolutely howls. There is a wonderful interaction between the wood and the pickups - what tone is all about! The sustain and depth of tone are remarkable."
- Tom Givan, USA
"I received my new Duke on Friday. This axe was definitely worth the wait. First, I am glad you suggested the tobacco sunburst color choice. It is beautiful. The birch top is also pretty amazing!"
- Tom Givan, USA
"There isn't anything about my new Duke that I don't like. As you might imagine, I spent a lot of time playing with it this weekend. I hope my VSOP does not feel neglected. I did not want to go to work this morning."
- Tom Givan, USA
"Ruokangas guitars are instruments for grown-ups!"
- Thorsten Hoffmann, Germany
"Dear Holger (Musikhaus Jever) - you were absolutely right about the Ruokangas guitars. Since I have bought the Duke and the Mojo from you I have stopped looking for anything else. I'm no more interested in different and new products. I have arrived! The only other guitar I may buy in the future would be a VSOP or a Unicorn. My duke is the perfect choice - a dream!"
- Markus Zlöbl, Austria
"Loved the lecture you gave at the Montreal Guitar show... Keep up the great work as you are certainly forging a unique path both in terms of guitar building style and guitar building philosophy!"
- Tony Fay, Dublin Ireland
"This is old news to you, but now I too know that you build the best guitars in the world! Yours is simply the best guitar I've ever played - and I've played hundreds, including all the top brands and many of the most well-regarded custom guitars. The Mojo uniquely combines an artistic vision with innovative design and materials."
- Daniel Aires, USA
"I received the Mojo (with True Temperament curved frets) yesterday, and I've been playing it ever since... It was just what I had in mind when I ordered it. It plays in tune all over the fretboard, and it also stays in tune. Since the initial tuning I've hardly touched the tuning screws. Great! The pickups sound good and are completely quiet in terms of noise/buzz. This is a great instrument, and it's going to make guitar recording so much easier!"
- Johan Rahmström, Sweden
"I just have to say, it's like you are from another planet and arrived on earth to build the best guitars in the whole universe...seriously!"
- Falco Karassavidis
"Today was one of the best days in my life - my Duke Sonic DeLuxe arrived from Musikhaus Jever! Holger was more than enthusiastic about this guitar and promised me heaven. But it's far better. He said, you are not only the world's best luthier, but from another universe. He was right!"
- Peter Steinlehner
"Hello Juha - I am close to selling all my other guitars after playing my new Mojo Deluxe this afternoon for 4 hours. The range of tone and dynamics I can achive just by using the pots is truely amazing. I played my regular Les Paul after that and it felt like riding backwards on a weak slow horsie through the suburbs of Muenster. I feel honoured to have the choice to play the Ruokangas Mojo Deluxe. Thank you for that piece of art and skillfull work - thanx for sharing your skill & talent with us players!"
- Ralph Schomaker, Germany
"All in all, through the high level of workmanship, excellent materials, attention to detail and sheer talent in guitar building you deliver great value for money to you customers. But your love and dedication to what you are doing is something, money cannot buy, it is a gift from you to your customers. And for that I'd like to thank you very much!"
- Dietmar Tallroth, Finland
"Having Peter Green as my all-time guitar hero, my favorite guitar so far has been a Gibson VOS '58 Les Paul (in fact a very good guitar), but the Unicorn outperforms it in every department."
- Dietmar Tallroth, Finland
"Now I have had a chance to plug the guitar (Unicorn) in, and I can confirm that it not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but also sounds wonderful - warm, but with bite when needed, very balanced and with a lot of string separation even with much distortion. And for the "Santana-moments" it sustains superbly. Just splendid."
- Dietmar Tallroth, Finland
"The (Unicorn) neck fits into my hand like a well-worn glove. I love this piece. It is truly a work of art and a labor of love. Aside from my acoustic, I don't even want to play another guitar!"
- Happy Customer, USA
"The Unicorn Classic is most amazing. I can't believe you could make something like this, and on schedule! Remarkable. That Arctic birch sunburst top compliments its Spanish Cedar body beautifully. Compared to the guitar-builder specs on your website it is amazingly accurate but of course it still falls short of a true representation of the object at hand."
- Happy Customer, USA
"The materials, the tone, the playability is soooo much better than the Jackson i owned, it's unbelievable! When i play both guitars unplugged side-by-side i swear your Hellcat almost sounds like a bass-guitar - such a fat tone! Also, the pickups are a dream. Really sensitive & strong, but very clean. When i play fast melodies on my Jackson i get a weird mixture of frequencies, with your Hellcat pickups I get individual tones."
- Daniel Schimanski, Germany
"Guitar well received and as usual, perfect! Very light, good acoustics, the neck is very easy to play. Simply awesome. Thank you very much for this new piece of art!"
- Vincent Beinis, France
"Thanks for building me this fantastic Guitar, my Unicorn is simply one of the best instruments I've played so far. I love it!"
- Anders Hörling, Sweden
"Juha, like so many other players before me, I am in awe of your quality work and craftsmanship. Thank you very much again and I promise to tell everybody I know about your guitars!"
- Uwe Steinweg, Germany
"What can I say, I love this new guitar. It's easy to play, light weight and great to handle. Everything I do, good or bad, it shows extremely well and honestly - unbelievable!"
- Uwe Steinweg, Germany
"Love this guitar (Unicorn)! You are amazing….it just rings unplugged! Thank You for such a spectacular instrument!"
- Jim Pallotta, USA
"I'm really enjoying the Unicorn! I did not custom order it but the back of neck feels like wood. No sticky finish. I've always heard that a good Les Paul is like a Tele on Steroids and this is closest I've gotten to that idea. The low end is nice and tight and it really sustains. Its very articulate . I feel I can be precise and the guitar responds accordingly."
- Russ Reiser, USA
"It is very special for me to own one of the first Mojos ever built. I have Gibson guitars, Fender guitars and one american built PRS Singlecut, but the Mojo Grande is the diamond among my guitars. I wish you good luck with your guitar building and your company, and for spreading joy and happiness among mankind!"
- Arnulf Moastuen, Norway
"You built me two VSOP:s a few years ago. These superb guitars sound better and looking more beautiful than ever. My humble thanks guys. May the excellence and mightyness be with you for the next 15 years!"
- Jarska Sipilä, Finland
"The Duke has lived up to my expectations. The playability is well balanced and comfortable. The natural, matured wood sings beautifully through. As recording, I've especially noticed the tremendous versatility of tones I can play with the Duke. The guitar truly is alive reacting precisely to players touch."
- Tommi Ahonen, Finland
"My two-finger style (caused by an accident with a circular saw years ago) sets a demand for top-of-the-line playability. Ruokangas guitars answer that demand. I used to think the best guitars come from USA, but I was wrong - they are made right here in Finland!"
- Timo Halonen / Big Bore
"Praise the Mighty Juha Ruokangas - the God of Fretted Instruments!"
- Edmund Piskaty, Austria
"When we plugged in the Mojo to record our latest demos everyone's jaws dropped. It was thick, precise and had the tone of three layers of guitars, in just one pass. Just what we needed. Juha, thanks to you and your team for the best guitar I've ever held and played."
- Joel Auge / Hewit
"For me the Duke is the most astounding guitar-evolution I’ve ever come across. So it seems I’ve finally found what I was looking for after so many years. Never thought it would be in Finland though…!"
- Hans “Lucan” Elmers, The Netherlands
"I’ve been very satisfied from the beginning to the playability, sound and looks of my both Ruokangas guitars, Duke Artisan and VSOP Supreme. The Duke is at it’s best playing softer, jazzy music with it’s mellower and full, woody tone. The VSOP is my all-around workhorse with it’s clear, sustaining and BIG tone tone provided by the SingleSonic pickups. It’s always a joy to play these guitars, and they seem to just get better with age!"
- Antti Paranko, Finland
"The Ruokangas Mojo sounds absolutely great and the playability is in it’s own class! This guitar survives rough life on the road. Player’s choice!"
- Jani Wickholm, Finland
"My Duke 'Lilith' has ended my search for a perfect dual-humbucker style guitar. It plays wonderfully, sounds clear and sweet, is built extremely well and is resonant and versatile. It responds to my touch like no other solidbody I’ve played. It’s perfectly balanced and light. And the sustain! Unless I need something with a vibrato arm, I always use Lilith and get the result I want – be it in studio or on stage."
- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE
"Interacting with Juha during the building process was as smooth and professional as it could be. I thank Juha and everybody at Ruokangas Guitars for their impeccable work and I respect their fine attitude towards life!"
- Antti Pesonen / CDFmE
"Can’t help it – the VSOP beats my strats with its smooth playability and meaty tone!"
- Kaitsu Seppälä / Jani & The Jetsetters
"The Ruokangas VSOP is one of the finest and most versatile guitars that I’ve played. The quality of craftmanship is unparalleled and the ultra-clean electronics are perfect for sessions where avoiding noise is an important factor. The immense amount of tonal variation make it the only guitar I need for sessions and gigs. I will be playing my VSOP for many years to come!"
- Aaron Kaplan, USA
"My Duke Sonic is a dream! That’s all I can say – perfect!"
- Sascha Wiegand / Bitune
"The Ruokangas VSOP is the most ergonomically designed guitar I have ever played. It is very easy and comfortable to play both sitting down and strapped on – which is very important as playing through number of sets during one night. The VSOP feels stable, stays in tune very well and looks attractive too. Excellent work!"
- Juha Björninen, Finland
"This guitar is perfectly balanced, plays like a fantasy, and is extremely robust – and for single coil pickups, the SingleSonics are firebreathers and manage to be very quiet in terms of hum. Juha crafts guitars that are as good as anything out there, but it goes beyond just being a guitar- owning a Ruokangas, to me, is like owning 3 albums worth of material you haven’t written yet!"
- Ben Wigler / Arizona
"Words cannot describe how happy I am with the VSOP. Not only is it probably the most gorgeous vaguely ‘S’-style guitar in the universe (crowned by an almost unbearably beautiful tremcover inlay) but its sound IS the sound of my dreams."
- Ben Wigler / Arizona
"This is superb. The Duke is the best electric guitar I’ve ever had!"
- Jukka Tolonen, Finland
"In the world of boutique guitars, Ruokangas sets the bar as a standard by which all of the boutique guitar companies should be measured against for making an outstanding product. I am a very proud owner of these instruments!"
- Jay Jay French / Twisted Sister
"Ruokangas guitars are well-made and they sound really sweet. They’re built in what I’d call the right tradition."
- Mick Box / Uriah Heep
"I have many guitars, some are good, some even great. Then I have the ones I use. They are all Ruokangas guitars."
- Juha Torvinen / Eppu Normaali
"We brought loads of excellent guitars guitars to the studio for the recording sessions of our second album… Still we ended up playing practically all the guitar tracks with my Ruokangas Custom. There was just no rival to it’s consistant and balanced tone."
- Petri Lassila / Tera
"The Hellcat is so effortless – it practically plays itself. With this guitar I can play and plan to play exactly what I want – the guitar properties don’t set any limitations! One day I might need another guitar – and it will certainly be a Ruokangas!"
- Sami Saarinen / Status Minor
"My Duke is an indispensible tool in my toolbox. It is an exceptionally made guitar that sounds and plays like a top quality instrument should. The feel and finish is as good as it gets. It barks and growls like a p90 loaded 50’s era guitar. It will always be a part of my arsenal. I use it all the time."
- Josh Smith, USA
"Ruokangas guitars are for men who walk their own paths."
- Rainer Nygård / Diablo
"Getting my first Ruokangas (Duke Deluxe) changed everything! I didn't even know what a brilliant Instrument can do to me. At first I was a bit shocked - you have to concentrate a lot because the guitar shows everything! Even the little mistakes! But you can work on your personal tone. My playing has changed totally. Now I play less notes, but the ones I do sound like I ever wanted. I think these guitars seperate guitar boys from guitar men!"
- Thorsten, Germany
"Many thanks for my amazing guitar. What can I say... it's a perfect materpiece! It's so lightweight. The rock sound on my Bulldog amp is the top!"
- Lars Böhner, Germany
"Last night I played the Duke for a couple of hours through my Mad Professor CS-40. Most guitars, I have to mess with the knobs a lot to find a setting that works. The Duke sounded great on every setting! Excellent instrument! A real ass kicker!!"
- Ben Kibbey, USA
"This Mojo is the very best guitar I've ever played! It looks, feels and sounds incredible. I can't believe it's possible to build a new guitar that feels and sounds like a twenty, thirty years old good friend! The guitar reacts amazingly to my picking attack. Thanks for building such a great guitar!"
- Kalle Thiel, Germany
"I am totally in shock Juha! This is a killer guitar - I have 20 guitars, but this one is the best!!!"
- Michael Pagaard, Denmark
"I want to thank you for my beautiful Hellcat guitar. This is an amazing guitar and the sundance colour fits perfectly! I am very happy that I finally own one of your guitars!"
- Stefan Schmalz, Germany