Ruokangas Rendezvous


“I’m so excited about the Ruokangas Rendezvous! It’s a better way for you and I to get to know each other better, and a unique opportunity to focus all our attention to what we all love so much – guitars, basses and great music!”

Juha Ruokangas

We are happy to announce the second edition of Ruokangas Rendezvous – our very own little event – a meeting place for all Ruokangas players, fans, guitar lovers and friends. Juha Ruokangas will be there, as well as Holger Hanenkamp and his team from Musikhaus Jever. Welcome to meet us to the Cologne Academy on Sunday, 31st of May, 2015!

Rendezvous CologneAt the Ruokangas Rendezvous you will see an impressive selection of our guitars and basses – more than what we would typically be able to bring to a guitar show.

You’ll get a treat of fantastic live music as well! Earkraft (Antti Paranko, Markus Setzer, Mikko Arlin) will play a concert, and the visitors will have a chance to talk guitar, tone & gear with the performing artists, too!


May 31st, 2015

Bayenthalgürtel 4
50968 Cologne

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We encourage you to sign up to the Rendezvous by using this web form – but no worries if you don’t – signing up is not obligatory!

The Ruokangas Rendezvous is free of charge for all guests! Snacks and drinks will be served!

Welcome everyone! In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the photo gallery of the last year Rendezvous! By the way – the artwort (by Sabine Reimer) you see in the gallery photos – come to the Rendezvous this year and you’ll be able to play and see that guitar! And one more thing – feel free to bring along your own Ruokangas guitars or basses to show them to your fellow enthusiasts!